What is eventing?


Eventing or Horse Trials is an all round equestrian sport in which Britain excels and recent medal success has brought it to the forefront once again. It is also one of a handful of events where men and women compete on equal terms and the amateur can compete against a world or Olympic champion.


It is the ultimate test of horse and rider comprising of three disciplines, the elegance of dressage, the bravery of cross-country and pressure of show jumping. The scores from each test combine to produce an overall total. It involves hours of intensive training, careful preparation, enormous skill and great courage but is a sport that is both elegant and exciting.


Historically, the interest in Eventing came almost entirely from the rural population. However, today the growth in spectator appeal also comes as much from those living in or around towns and cities. This is common to many sports as leisure plays a greater role in society.


However, Eventing offers the spectator exceptional benefits with the opportunities to take the whole family to the countryside. An exciting competition viewed from close quarters seeing top names in the sport such as Pippa Funnell, William Fox Pitt , Andrew Nicholson and Tina Cook to name but a few!, while walking up to two to three miles. The opportunity to shop at trade stands and with catering facilities available for the whole family.


Eventing provides a number of excellent opportunities for a potential sponsor in a sport which has seen a steady growth both in participation and spectator interest in the last 10 years. The sport has an ideal, good clean image. As such, the demographic profile of the Competitors and Owners is AB63%, C1 37% and Spectators is AB 52% and C1 28% (the highest in the UK).


South Eastern Equestrian Services offers potential sponsors the opportunity to raise their profile both locally and nationally with participants and spectators coming from all over the country or simply to host corporate entertainment for clients, friends and family.





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